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Unique opportunities to work along-side other sculptors from around the world, symposia are great, hard, working and inspiring events.

In Hungary, during 1986 & 1987 I made ‘Souvenir of Tomorrow’, a site specific monumental sculpture comprising around 60 tonnes of stone, 2.6m high, with 7m of internal bass relief carving. Collection of the International Sculpture Park, Villany.

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Souvenir of Tomorrow. (detail)





Made on the Isle of Portland in 1985, ‘Flying the Kite’, 2.3 m high, stands atop a treacherous cliff in the old quarries. Portland Sculpture Park Dorset, England.

Flying The Kite.





Castle’ 1.3m high was made at ‘The Clach’ in 2009, at Kelburn Castle, Scotland. Seven Scottish sculptors, and seven from other nations took part.. Sculptures remain at Kelburn Castle




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