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I was very lucky to grow up in a home where stories lived. My dad would tell us fairy stories every night, and my mum filled the house with music, a preciousness
that has increased with the years. Storytelling complements my Visual Art, and together they encapsulate my creative practice, and sustain my own well of being.

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The venerable art of oral storytelling, from ancient times to the present, retains the power to conjure up between teller and listener an enlivened atmosphere~ full
of suspended imagination. Neither age nor ability are barriers to the enjoyment of a good story well told.

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Telling tales:

I especially like to tell traditional myths and legends from home and abroad, including many from the Scottish Borders where I live. Tales of Wonder, Creation,

Romance and History, played out in the Naturaland Supernatural world. Tales inhabited by Heroesand Heroines, Giants, Ghosts, Fairies and Selchies, both

funny and gruesome! Taking care to tailor my sessions appropriately to audience, theme and occasion, my telling style is warm, inclusive andfun, and I usually

include riddles, tunes, songs and a small numberof props. I have told stories to children of all ages, to family andadult audiences, including the elderly and those

with special needs.Venues have included Schools, Libraries, Museums, Castles and Abbeys, Theatres, Hospitals, Forests, Tipi’s, Festivals and Glasshouses.

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Stories and Art:

A storytelling session can contribute to the framework for learning as described in the aspirations of the Curriculum for excellence, andwhen an art session
accompanies storytelling, the results are alwaysdramatic. The highly active listening, attention, and imaginingskills engaged whilst listening to a skilfully told story
opens doors to creativity of all kinds. An art making session is a perfect complement, working well with all ages and abilities. If you areinterested in combined art
and stories visit, please get in touch for a chat.

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Whilst storytelling visits are often ‘one-offs’, longer term projects allow for desirable continuity and development. Examplesinclude ‘Heart of Hawick Children’s
Book Awards’,for 3-7years old primary children during 2010 and 2012.
‘Storytelling and Art’ with adults with learning disabilities in the Bordersthrough 2009
-10, and
Artful~ Space for Stories’, a Mental Health and Well-Being pilot project for adults in East Lothian in 2007. Other projects have beenin conjunction
with Borders Museums and Galleries linking withexhibitions, Libraries, the Borders Arts Development programmes.

For more details please go to C.V

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For more facts and figures, please go to C.V. 
I am fully insured and P.V.G. registered.
Ifyou would like to have a chat about a visit, or discuss booking one,

please contact Mary on:

Tel: 01896- 831260



The children were totally captivated by the story. The use of instruments was very subtle and effective’.
Nursery teacher, Drumlanrig St. Cuthbert’s Pr
imary School.

Primary 1-4 really loved the stories. They have recounted them back in great detail, including voices and sound effects. They loved the recorder and thumb piano too. Thank you
J.Weston, P1-4 teacher, Hobkirk Primary School

A quite magical hour of storytelling and song, many thanks for amemorable way to experience a memorable place’
.Steve and Eva Cranshaw, Borders Books and Bikes festival, 2012

I really enjoyed the singing, it sounded really magical, I would liketo come back, it was like a fairytale.
Iona, 10yrs old. Borders Books and Bikes festival, 2012

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